The way the ECO scheme works, and the factors below will determine the amount of grant you will receive

  1. The size of the property = how many bedrooms
  2. The type of house = semi-detached, detached, terrace or bungalow
  3. Construction = solid or cavity walls

If you live in the following type of property:

  • End Terrace 2 + bed – Full Funding
  • End Terrace 5 bed – Full Funding
  • Mid Terrace 4+ bed – Full Funding
  • Semi-Detached House 2+ bed – Full Funding
  • Detached House 2+ bed – Full Funding
  • Bungalow Semi/End 3+ – Full Funding
  • Bungalow Detached 2+ – Full Funding
You would qualify for a LIKE FOR LIKE (i.e combi for combi, system for system) boiler replacement and underfloor insulation for FREE.

If you live in the following property, your contribution would be: 

  • End terrace 1 bed – £250                    
  • Mid terrace 2 bed – £350                  
  • Mid terrace 3 bed – £250                  
  • Bungalow Semi/End 2 bed – £200  
  • Bungalow mid 3 bed+ – £100

You will not get the full grant funding to cover the cost of the boiler and underfloor insulation however the contribution is nowhere near the cost of what it would be to get the work done without the grant.

Which boiler will i receive?

Combination boiler

You will receive either an Ideal Logik or Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000.

System boiler

 You will receive either an Ideal Logik System or Worcester Bosch Greenstar I System.

Heat only boiler

You will receive either an Ideal logik heat or Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri.

Depending on your current boiler, your property size, type and construction. The boiler you receive will be determined upon the information gathered on the survey.

I would like a worcester boiler

If your property isn’t eligible for a free Worcester Bosch 2000, and you would still like one. You may still be able to receive one with a small contribution. 

I would like a conversion

If you want a conversion from a system to a combi or vice versa the grant will not cover the whole cost and therefore a contribution will be required. The amount of contribution will be determined on the home survey.

What will I get?

  • Brand new thermostat (If combi)
  • Brand new magna filter
  • Replacement missing thermostatic radiator valves
  • Boiler replacement
  • Underfloor insulation

Surveyors Frequently asked questions

Underfloor insulation frequently asked questions

Gas engineer's frequently asked questions

How can i find out if my boiler is 7+ years old?

There are two ways to do this.

When your boiler was installed your engineer should have registered it with Gas safe and you should have received a certificate, stating the date of install. You can check on the following website: by entering your house number and postcode.

If your boiler isn’t on the register the second way is to check the serial number on the boiler. This is usually found stuck on the bottom or the side of the boiler.

How do i know if i have suspended floorboards?

Airbricks indicate you have suspended floorboards in your property. We need to ensure you have at least 50% on the ground floor.

Airbricks are located near the bottom layer of bricks, either at the front or side of your house.

An airbrick is a special type of brick that contains holes to allow for the circulation of ‘fresh’ outside air beneath suspended floors to prevent moisture building up as a result of cold or damp air ‘sitting’ in voids or empty spaces.


Under current guidelines, we have been advised that we may continue working as normal, however we are taking precautions when surveyors or installers visit your home. Upon arrival they will sanitise their hands, wear a mask throughout the visit and keep a distance where possible. If you or anyone in your household have tested positive or had symptoms within the last 7 days, please let us know and we will rearrange your appointment accordingly.