Energy efficiency group Fully funded boiler replacement The UK government’s 2008 climate change act committed us, as a nation to reduce carbon emissions by at least 100% (Net Zero) by 2050 against a 1990 baseline. The Climate change committee (CCC) who advise the government, created six carbon targets. We have so far met the first two targets and are set to outperform on the third by bringing emissions down 44% in 2019. However, we are not on track to meet the last three. To help us achieve the last three targets and hit net zero by 2050, the government has introduced various schemes that give financial support and incentives to encourage householders to use energy-efficient and low-carbon technologies.
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Would you like your old inefficient boiler replaced, apply today for your fully funded boiler replacement. You may qualify under the Government’s ECO scheme in 2021.

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Why do I have to meet these criteria?

Under the current scheme your property must have at least 50% suspended floorboards on the ground floor to allow underfloor insulation to be installed, your boiler must be 7+ years old, boilers under 7 years old are excluded as the scheme makes the assumption that it will be more cost effective to repair your current boiler, than to have it replaced and you must be an owner occupier to qualify. All three of these criteria must be satisfied as both energy efficiency measures must be installed to improve the energy performance of the property enough to justify the cost of the measures.

Benefits of underfloor insulation

Underfloor insulation will prevent heat loss and help eliminate drafts from entering via the gaps between the floor and the ground. Insulation impedes temperature change, meaning less energy is needed to maintain your chosen temperature. More than 10 percent of an average home’s heat is lost through the floor. This percentage can be much higher in older homes with hardwood floors—or floors made of other materials that conduct heat and cold. By preventing this heat loss with underfloor insulation, homeowners will see an energy bill savings of at least 10 percent and therefore less carbon emissions are produced. This has the impact of reducing an individual household’s carbon footprint, in the process aiding the government’s overall aim of drastically reducing carbon emissions across the UK.

Benefits of a new boiler

Research has shown that boiler models that are seven years or more in age only operate at around 65% of their full efficiency. This means that as much as 35p of every pound spent on heating costs is being wasted. As a comparison, your new A-rated boiler would run at no less than 90% efficiency, meaning a loss of 10p per pound at most. Aside from the financial benefits, having a new boiler installed can also be extremely beneficial to the environment. Using a new energy efficient boiler means that less energy is required to heat a home and therefore less carbon emissions are produced. This has the impact of reducing an individual household’s carbon footprint, in the process aiding the government’s overall aim of drastically reducing carbon emissions across the UK.

How Does ECO3 Help Homeowners?

The ECO scheme has helped thousands of households by allowing the installation of energy efficiency measures, helping combat the rising global temperatures and increasing carbon content in the atmosphere, these measures are funded by the leading energy suppliers, such as EDF Energy, Scottish Power, SSE, EON UK, Npower and British Gas. Supporting the government in their effort to reduce emission 100% by 2050.

Why should you apply?

Provided that your application is approved, you will obtain numerous benefits from the underfloor insulation and a new efficient boiler. The installation alone if funded without the grant would approximately amount to around £3000 including parts and labour. Once installed you as the homeowner can save up to £400 on your annual energy bills, in addition to this you can save on the cost of maintenance, insurance, servicing and repairs which are necessary when running an old inefficient boiler. With a new installation, you won’t have the inconvenience of the boiler aftercare. Another important benefit is the fact that you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, this is an environmentally friendly option which could lead to healthier surroundings.

Are you eligible?

Government grants have benefited thousands of households in the United Kingdom. No benefits are required for you to be eligible. It is vital that you are the owner of your home, your boiler is not less than seven years old and you have at least 50% suspended floorboards on the ground floor.

What happens after you apply?

When you qualify for the grant, depending on your property type and the number of bedrooms, there are two possibilities. In some cases, there may be a small contribution towards installation. However, many households qualify to receive complete funding. This is due to the fact that some houses don’t release as much carbon emissions as others. You will be able to find the funding for your property in our FAQ's section. A surveyor will contact you to arrange a date to complete the survey of your property. We will then process the application and arrange a date and time for your installations



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