Cavity Wall Extraction

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Does cavity wall insulation reduce your heating bills? Yes. Does it always work? Unfortunately, no. There are three reasons your cavity wall insulation may not work: poor choice of materials, installation issues, or property damage.

In these situations, you may have to remove your cavity wall insulation.


When cavity wall insulation has been installed properly, it can help you to reduce your heating bills and conserve energy. That is when it has been installed properly and has not been compromised. Before we discuss the various problems, your cavity wall insulation could be causing it to fail, it’s worth discussing the difference between solid walls and cavity walls and what cavity wall insulation involves.

What if you don’t know if you have cavity wall insulation or not? Generally, if your house was built after the 90’s, it will have wall insulation. However, if it is older, it is possible that it may not have any insulation whatsoever.

Whether you have cavity wall insulation or not, it is worth checking if you need it to help reduce your bills, an upgrade or it extracting. our friendly staff are on hand to talk you through the best decision.


Why Remove Cavity Wall Insulation?

- Rubble & Debris in the cavity space.
- Timber / steel frame is not suitable.
- Void & missing cavity insulation.
- Old foam shrinks over time.
- Damp & mould & condensation.
- Flood or fire damaged.
- Wall tie replacement.
- Building refurbishment.
- Blocked air vents can cause floor rot.
- Upgrading cavity insulation.
- Wet & damp cavity insulation.

How to Remove Cavity Wall Insulation?​

Safety and efficiency are crucial when it comes to removing your cavity wall insulation. That’s why we use proven equipment and cutting-edge technology to get the job done properly. Taking pride in our work, our highly qualified experts remove your insulation carefully, avoiding further damage.

After your cavity wall insulation removal, you might have further questions, like what to do about leftover damp or how to install cavity wall insulation that will last. Or, you may have questions about your existing cavity wall insulation if you’re unsure whether it’s up to scratch.

Your friendly experts at Extract Insulation are here to help. Give us a call and we’ll answer your questions and make sure your home is safe, protected, and comfortable for you and your loved ones.

How Do We Remove Failed Insulation?

Following an initial inspection, if defects are found, a team will arrive on site and following their risk assessments will proceed to drill out the property. It will be drilled in a specialist pattern using original holes where possible. It will be necessary to open up vents and remove bricks at designated spots just above damp course level to allow exit points for the insulation to be removed.

Through the holes that are drilled, the operatives will drive compressed air through a rubber agitating whip and directional nozzle to break up and move the material to the exit points opened up.

An industrial vacuum then collects the material from the exit points and the operatives will work in a set pattern to move through the cavity ensuring that the material is removed.

The bricks are then replaced or vents installed, depending on customer requirements.

feature images

feature images

I applied for the grant to replace my old boiler which was not running well at all. The service I got from start to finish from all the contractors involved was very professional, respectful and friendly. The process took longer than I expected but the end result was definitely worth it. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. My house is toastie warm and my water is hot and instant. Thanks very much guys.

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